About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at V-care America is to make high quality healthcare more accessible to everyone in DFW. We believe that great care should always be within reach and available all in one place

Our Clinic

Our clinic is about connecting our patients to our medical providers to address their health need. We’re removing healthcare boundaries to make high-quality, transparent, and personal care accessible – because great care should always be within reach of our community.

Our Story

V-Care America was founded by a group of highly successful serial entrepreneurs who believe that healthcare should be comprehensive, accessible, and community focused.
We believe that healthcare should be human-centered and requires a multidisciplinary team. Together with our patients, we help address your health concern based on diagnostic testing, health history and current lifestyle to affect your complete wellbeing.
At V-Care America, we love being the medical experts, the scientists, the forward-thinking healthcare visionary and most importantly, we love our patients. Because it takes a community to create meaningful change in healthcare. And V-Care of America is here for you.-