Cysts are common skin growths that can appear as small, round lumps beneath the skin's surface. Often harmless, cysts can sometimes become uncomfortable, painful, or unsightly.


Blocked glands. Cysts often develop when hair follicles or oil glands become blocked, and leads to an accumulation of fluid, dead skin cells, or keratin protein

Infections can trigger the formation of cysts, as the body's immune response may wall off the infection and form a cyst around it

Genetics play a role, and some individuals may be predisposed to developing cysts

Trauma: physical injury to the skin can sometimes lead to the formation of post-traumatic cysts

Size can vary in size, from very small to several centimeters in diameter

Texture of cysts often feel firm and smooth to the touch

In some cases, cysts may cause discomfort, pain, or tenderness, especially if they become inflamed or infected

Cysts can change in size and appearance

Treatments include incision and drainage, surgical exclusion injections with corticosteroid, and laser therapy. Early cyst treatment can minimize scars and prevent complications. Early treatment of skin cancer is associated with a higher likelihood of successful outcomes and fewer complications. A dermatologist is crucial for a thorough evaluation and tailored treatment plan.

If you're dealing with a cyst that should be removed, you’re not alone. Our dermatologist healthcare professionals specializing in skin disorders are here to provide expert guidance and personalized treatment plans.